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Perfect Day of Photography and Pulque in Xochimilco | Mexico City Vlog


Xochimilco is one of the best places to visit in Mexico. We spent the perfect day of photography there and then went for pulque.
We have one last day in Mexico City before moving south to Chiapas, and we want to make the most of it. But, to be honest, after a bit of a night out the night before, we were hoping for a bit of a more chill Mexico City experience.
Xochimilco was the perfect was to spend a hungover day. We cruised the canals and took the boats up and down the waterways shooting photos and just relaxing. Honestly, there’s no better way to spend a day in general than this way.
And, our timing at Xochimilco was perfect. We got there at sunset and spent the time cruising around in the best light. There were lots of birds and some great photography opportunities.
Then, after our time on the boats at Xochimilco ended, we headed into Xochimilco town to get some food and some drinks.
We ended up at a pulqueria, which was an experience in it’s own. Pulque is an alcoholic drink that is traditional in Mexico which is actually made from cactus sap. It’s crazy. But, pulque might be one of the world’s best unknown alcoholic drinks.
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  1. Rifleman7kw says

    A three hour tour, eh ? ……..

  2. Oswaldo Valdovinos says

    Glad to see that you're enjoying my country, and to see that you are living and sharing the real México, its food, people and places.. Super fan of your channel and work.

  3. darko skalabrin says

    How much is Corona?

  4. darko skalabrin says

    Aligators 🙂

  5. darko skalabrin says

    Jodi is getting more and more beautiful beside you 🙂

  6. tudor west says

    great shots of the birds Brendan,loved the boat trip,nice to have you back

  7. sfbdotcom says

    Ever tried Chicia? you get it from a (usually) roadside Chiceria in Peru. You can tell by the red bag wrapped round a pole when it's ready. Chicia is a fermented maize drink. I was lucky to have been offered some by genuine Andean hill farmers. A great experience.

  8. Shawn Dennstedt says

    A herring is a fish…a heron is a bird.

  9. Deepak Gupta says

    Hi Brendan I like ur all picture in Instagram u are my favorite photographer ❣️

  10. John P says

    So excited for you to see Chiapas! We went in July and it is fabulous!

  11. BackPacker Steve says

    You scared that bird away! 😝

  12. Erik de la cruz says

    ……thanks fer the tour man…….. 🙂

  13. Oh Dear says

    Nice video. I like the bull and his reflection in the canal.

  14. Stacey Bravo says

    OMG YES! Tortas Cubanas are the best!!

  15. Jurgen Klopp says

    Nice Vlog Brendan. Mexico City looks an interesting place. By the way would love to try that Pulque 🍺……That Steve seems a bit of a Knob by the way 🥊👎

  16. Charles Mercer says

    "What's the point of photography if you're not having fun?" Absolbloodylutely.

  17. david nassur says

    Great VLog Brendan! Need to add this to my bucket list !

  18. Moritz Ritter says

    Please film a vlog in French. I'd love to hear you speaking French…

  19. Emmanuel Vaisman says

    Your use of the word "perfect" was…well…PERFECT!!!

  20. friendship yujin friendship, yujin says

    Nice! 👌Thank! Brendan….,

  21. Juan Gomez says


  22. Explorante says

    your spanish is very good, congratulations. My suggestion you must visit Michoacán no far from Mexico City, specially Patzcuaro Lake, Zirahuaen and Santa Clara

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