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  1. Eric Poulos says

    The lady deserves it. The dog shouldn't have been there but she pushed the dog off the seat while arguing with the owner.

  2. TTC Orion VII 7405 says

    Lol i see Andy Byford there in the video at the office

  3. Detroit Diesel Series 50 says

    Canadav take this type of dogs-

  4. Ali Hassan says

    The women was wrong to push her. But no animals should be allowed.

  5. Danny Hamilton says

    'How did the dog get on the train?…..dah!! He put his fare into the box.

  6. john son of Morris says

    Can the dog claim self defense? Witness claimed she pushed the dog

  7. Jack Che says

    I vote for dog are allowed on the train, but it need to have a mask.

  8. Enduro Skills says

    She pushed the dog, dog felt threatened. Woman should be charged with animal abuse

  9. Mary Hofstetter says

    we need to learn to agree to disagree sometimes people and not but each down

  10. Mary Hofstetter says

    questions what was the lady doing? was the dog protect his owner


  11. Noob Noob says

    Choke it til it pass out

  12. Gary H says

    Cause animals have more rights than humans these days.

  13. Davin says

    A dog is our friend but is not human being dog is animal, subway is made by human and basically it is for human.
    Some of passangers don’t like dog so it needs to make compartment only for one with their dog or let dogs make a subway for themselves. It is not with service dog tho

  14. J H says

    Why did she kick the dog? If she kicks the dog, why can the dog defends himself

  15. Mike McGlock says

    If only one of them had a gun.

  16. Matthew Arnold says

    Why would you push/ touch someone else's dog in an agressive manner? Let alone a pit bull ..

  17. PressForEarth says

    I have a German shepherd, they are defensive don't ever push people's dogs. Not justifying this, I would have my dog wrapped around my hand where the length is not enough to lash out.

    That being said, dogs are animals. Do not push unnecessarily, they can react unpredictably.

  18. Chuck Beef says

    It’s not the pit bull breed, it’s the dirtbag-low life type of people who tend to own them.

  19. Terry Whelan says

    Outlaw pitbulls like we have here in Ontario and all is good.
    360 other species and lots in between so no shortage out there to worry about.
    We had 3 children ripped up by this breed, most are ok but they are all timebombs waiting to go off.
    Only people with mental issues need to own them.

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