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Pit bull caught on camera attacking NYC subway rider’s foot


Police are investigating a pit bull attack on the subway in Lower Manhattan after a dog latched onto a 22-year-old woman’s shoe.

Eyewitnesses believe the people were the problem, not the pet. Now authorities are looking for the dog’s owner.

In a 60-second video, the pit bull can be seen latching onto a young woman’s shoe and refusing to release until the sneaker comes off. Then the owner is seen throwing the shoe at the other riders.


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  1. MrMapleBar says

    So she pushes a dog off the seat and is surprised when the dog "attacks" her? It doesn't look like the dog is attacking her, it just looks like it's playing.

  2. gswy ohhki says

    good dog

  3. Just MeMe says

    The one with blue shoe probably kicked the dog.

  4. Michael Williams says

    I will say this much. The pit bull was not a service dog, but for the disabled that do use service dogs, I have seen many people give them a hard time making big stinks that a dog should not be in a train, a court house, a clothing shop or eating place, and they started trouble and took things in their own hands by attacking the dog and it's owners and it is not right. Let the law sort this out. Maybe the owner didn't follow a proper procedure on transporting the dog, but do not forget, they are making it much harder for people living in the city to transport their pets these days, even for a vet appointment. They do not want anyone driving into the city with only one or two people in a car.

  5. horseygurl143 says

    Animals recognize character and will challenge a bully. Of all the living beings on that subway, the dog KNEW what kind of a person she was, although it was poor judgement on the dog owner's part having him there for the public to harass anyhow!!!

  6. Neck BraceGuy says

    White idiots think they are exempt from following rules.Where is someone to shoot them?

  7. Jennifer H says

    The owner should be arrested. An innocent child could have been harmed in the crossfire here. Very irresponsible, and a clear violation of the rules.

  8. AcesWildMMA says

    All those pieces of crap sitting around watching and filming.. what cowards. Not one single man was on the buss or they would've done something about it. To be honest I think the dog smelt SOY on the bus.

  9. Max Power says

    Subways are for people and those pitbulls should all be put down.

  10. Jesse jay says

    You guys know that he started it, and attacked the women then the dog latched onto her! You guys really think that the dog just snapped being pushed slightly, its a pitbull lols probably didn't even feel the pushes!

  11. sunshine togo says

    Two people in the wrong. Woman sooo foolish to push a pitbull. Owner placing dog on a seat when subway crowded and people standing because of course his dog needs the seat more than a person standing. Then attacking the woman himself because she touches his dog and make demands that his dog should go on the floor. And of course he gets in a huff when his dog attacks and throws the woman's shoe at her and leaves the subway. Poor dog, his owner will get him killed.

  12. Melissa Sansores says

    "Attacked shoe" am I the only one who finds that ridiculous lmao it's not he attacked her face. & WHY TF WOULD U PUSH ANY DOG. HONESTLEY THEY WOULD FEEL THREAREN IS THIS LADY AN IDIOT!? Something very important if your dog or any dog teeth lock on anything, the best way for them to let go is pull there collar up . So it temporally chokes them. They usually let go in seconds when they try to vatchbsome air

  13. S. Adam Bernstein says

    Play with fire; get burned.

  14. Steve Wiest says

    This definitely was not an attack! The media blows everything up. If this dog was attacking, it would have went for somewhere other than her foot!

  15. Little Black Dress says

    This owner deserves to die.

  16. Little Black Dress says

    This dog deserves to die

  17. Bill Johnson says

    Ghetto dog.

  18. Christine Burnett says

    This reporter makes me mad, you push a dog you deserve what you get and it’s not the owners fault! He was trying to pull the dog away and they’re getting him for not saying let go as if that would have helped? I hate people like this who are so hateful towards animals

  19. Bile2 Fund says

    Typical redneck breaking the rules by bringing an attack dog to the subway.

  20. Navisull Syam says

    She had it coming

  21. Chanteuse says

    The older woman sitting down and holding the girls leg is mad gangsta! She's so calm with that savage dog almost in her lap! She has more balls than all the men on the train put together.

  22. Matthew Arnold says

    ahh dem royal blue jordans are now a 1/1 lol

  23. El Stealtho says

    Just more obvious evidence that all pit bull dogs should be made extinct, like Smallpox.

  24. jennifer borrett says

    This dog may be killed because of the behaviour of humans. The owner didn't have the dog in a cage/carrier as required, maybe didn't have the dog properly trained and the woman threatened and pushed the dog. I hope no one was hurt though. The way the owner threw the shoe, you can tell he isn't a good person and he is ultimately 100% responsible for anything and everything his dog does in a public space.

    If the dog reacts like this to the angry woman, what about passengers who can't control themselves and move unpredictably like children, people with severe mental health problems, confused elders, people with intellectual disabilities?

  25. getoheisman says

    I guess the pitt was trying to Jack them Jordan 1 royals

  26. Sventrapapere says

    Cani di merda e padroni ancora più merdosi

  27. Steve B says

    The pitbull did not "go on attack". The woman that assaulted the dog repeatedly went on attack and got what she deserved.
    Witnesses all point to her as the aggressor.

  28. Olivia Noelle Prince says

    I felt bad until “she pushed the dog”. You deserved it!

  29. Juan Gonzalez says

    You do not push a pitbull or any large dog, or attack its owner. You are asking for trouble. This woman got what she deserved. The dog did what a dog is suppose to do. Two big thumbs up for the dog. I hope its owner gave it some steak that night.

  30. Anna Coolman says

    They're claiming it is a registered service dog. There is NOT a legal registration for service dogs in the U.S., and having a medical alert service dog, this is insane. No REAL service dog would act this way, EVER. PERIOD.

  31. Todd Bearden says

    Man, you can't take a pit bull on the subway around all of those people.  What are you stupid?  And then letting it sit on the seats instead of the floor when a female needs a seat??  WTH is wrong with people.  Leave that mutt at home or learn some manners

  32. theOC says

    She kicked/punched/pushed the dog off the seat – I'm not ok with that. It's a service dog – right to be on the train. Dog owner lets dog sit on the seats – no go. Verdict – dog is fine. Lady got what she deserved. Good Boy.

  33. timmy O toolbag says

    I would have punched that dog in the head so hard it would have been in a vegetative state for the remainder of its life. Then i would have done the same to the owner.

  34. Thompson228 says

    Fake news, dog was provoked

  35. Oni Cron says

    deberian exterminar a ese perro

  36. JarZu says

    She dindu nuffing

  37. Brian Priest says

    Just a polite P. P. S. A. Never pull a dog that is biting someome. It only makes them bite harder.

  38. likwid says

    NYC, the land of pure bred dogs and mongrel humans.

  39. Ben Dover says

    Beyond all legal intricacies regarding the dog's presence on the train, who in hell is dumb enough to push a pit bull next to his owner? Would that person be also dumb enough to resist arrest or grab a police officer's gun like in Ferguson? Is she as dumb as Michael Brown?

  40. Thomas Rice says

    So the woman attacke the dog and the dog bit her shoe, sounds like shes lucky she doesnt have assault charges filed

  41. Californian says

    another pitbull loving idiot, who put other people life at risk.

  42. Mav Broon says


  43. Bibbi BC says

    Uppity negro woman assaults dog. Dog defends itself. I'm on the dog's side.

  44. Honze Mango says

    The dog clearly recognized the enemy, and promptly protected its caucasian owner.

  45. Stephanie D says


  46. Stephanie D says


  47. Richard Ian Agostini says

    I am so sorry for the lkady victims of both the pitbull and the stupid and irresponsible dog owner

  48. Soni L says

    Wow! In muy country, only guide dogs can enter the Subway.

  49. 3506Dodge says

    No dogs on the subway! Kill the dog! It's dangerous!

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