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Pregnant Bronx woman beaten, robbed of cell phone


Police released video of a savage attack on a 22-year-old woman who is six months pregnant. She also spoke out about her experience to Eyewitness News.

In the video, you see two women kicking her while she was down.

Police say the pregnant woman was visiting a friend last Thursday inside a building in the Melrose section of The Bronx when she was attacked.

One of the attackers is known in the area as “Tiffany.”

The victim, Tylesha Mohammed, described the attack to Eyewitness News.

“It was multiple people. In the beginning you see me back up, and then Tiffany, the girl in the black, she just grabbed me and punched me, and then all the guys, all the girls, they just started stomping on my head and stuff,” Mohammed said.

She added that she and her unborn baby girl are fine. She suffered multiple bruises as a result of the attack, but her baby was not harmed.

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  1. ItsyagurlShay j says

    Wow, why 😪

  2. LovelyMom 1981 says

    Those 2 hoodrats are savages, prayers to the mom and her unborn baby.

  3. MustangGTv3 says

    Black savage monkeys

  4. Rebecca Reagin says

    America has laxed criminal law justice . Bring back the cat of nine tails for criminals . I bet we would see a lot less crime !!!! Evil criminals have no remorse . If you pet an attack dog , expect to be bitten !!! Give what is deserved and nothing less !!!

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