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  1. Jo Jo Wright says

    Sick people.

  2. Gia Love says

    He's down! Thank God.

  3. Gia Love says

    No more CHATTY CHIT.

  4. Jayman. says

    Who is Montagraph?
    Be more Specific, Supply greater details and Provide Evidence of your claims.
    Second hand information without Evidence will not stand-up in court.
    Losely assumed affiliations and connections is not Evidence.
    Provide Documentation to support your Accusations about Montagraph.

  5. KEVIN FLYNN says


  6. 4Jesus 4Eternity says

    Notice how the kid ministry to Denver Bible Church is referring to Alpha and Omega are mind control terms.
    Kids Ministries
    Welcome to the Sunday morning DBC kids ministries called the Alphas and the Omegas.

  7. Graceful & Trippy says

    I saw and blocked someone on 🐦 saying just that! ..saying you are this other guy and sick shit about you!
    Stay strong
    Thank you for all you are doing.

  8. Kimberly Hoppe-Walker says

    I still don’t understand exactly what you are saying…. yes I don’t doubt that bob enyart may be connected to Jon Bennett Ramsey yet, I’ve also heard that Kristine Marcy from the senior executive service may be involved as well. Possibly bob and her are connected no doubt. But, where do you show that montegraph is connected to this sick Bob guy, I’m just not seeing the dots connected. If you are unable to connect the dots for your viewers regarding montegraph (which is , I believe the intention of this video)…. you are not achieving the desired result. Sorry!

  9. Joseph Moon says

    And there are 1000's of people in the truth community that look at corruption in all facets of life, in media, government, Hollywood, secret society, etc that look at Montagraph and 19… That don't have a clue

  10. VenusPhoenixHasRisen says

    Just curious man, what does all this have to do with Q-Anon…?

  11. kbarb1000 says

    So in the previous video made this month, you seem to indicate you dont know this Kevin Flynn. But in this videoyou appear to suggest you knew him in 2016. Can you clarify please.

  12. MGTOW RULES says

    Thank Timothy for your investigation and your insight! When you speak the truth
    There will always be someone Spreading Disinformation to discredit you!

  13. Aldo V says

    i think your gonna have to tackle whats going on now currently_ organize all your info then later bring these cases back.

  14. mircas says

    question? why would the ramseys allow the fake pastor to use mk ultra training on their young daughter? Also…tonight there was another woman on another channel saying that her son was involved with jon benet…

  15. OctoberReignz says

    Run this is a Youtube search for Agent19's extensive video where he PROVES that Timothy Holmselth is a Liar and a FRAUD!


  16. Jane Doe says

    The OctoberReignz commenting here is Montagraph.

  17. Jane Doe says

    OctoberReignz aka Montagraph claims to have gotten the Kevin Flynn Twitter account suspended when accounts that are truly disgusting are still in existence. OctoberReignz aka Montagraph must have a friend at Twitter to have accomplished this.

  18. Jane Doe says

    OctoberReignz aka Montagraph also threatened to go after Tim and an Aaron legally but has yet to do so because giving his legal name would be required.

  19. Jane Doe says

    OctoberReignz aka Montagraph hasn't filed the legal paperwork he threatened to do and instead has been running around like a paranoid fool constantly monitoring and giving people a hard time online.

  20. The Creation 927 says

    That an easy voice to to recognize.. he has a lisp

  21. The Creation 927 says

    Timothy are these people really going to be brought to Justice??? This is sick.. my friend lives in Colorado I'm going talk to him about it

  22. D Martin1312 says

    Why won't you play his "proving right now"? I smells rats. Scared desperate ones. Look at eyes people…Study Rhetoric.

  23. Catherine O'Connell says

    Liked @291
    Monty has many channels all mentioned here.
    Monty said he is going to sue folk…….on the court documents he said will say "Plaintiff nobody V defendant somebody"
    Mind boggles

  24. barney carman says

    Prayers to you and yours. God bless

  25. Nancy Peterson says

    Denver Bible church ..
    Brain washing children.
    Look it up. Evil.evil. protect these innocents!!

  26. Nancy Peterson says

    Thank you!!!

  27. Jane Doe says

    @Montagraph: Due to your Twitter account being suspended, I'd say the good guys are in charge at Twitter now.

  28. Jane Doe says

    I'd never even heard of Montagraph until recently but the way he's been attacking people here and on Twitter definitely attracts attention. He has yet to explain how he's been able to get Twitter accounts suspended when vile accounts are still in existence.

  29. W. D. Smith says

    Enyart is a creep.

  30. Carol Gonzalez says

    Be careful people are sickos and nuts!!! Be safe. Praying for your safety..

  31. Kenny Kpz says

    Fake news

  32. DJolympusMons says

    Your a dork

  33. OctoberReignz says

    Timothy, admits, he is a Fake, Pretentious Journalist – in his OWN words

  34. Katalina S says

    Very confusing.

  35. MonteBluffNFluff says

    If there is one thing that is CONFIRMED it is Monty's production and dealing of KP and Agent 19 acting as his gate keeper and, well, agent. They will try to publish videos calling it the "222 hoax" as a cover for their actions that go far beyond that. They are stalkers of men, women, and children. Keep exposing them.

  36. Anarchyisking says

    For me, I've been following all this pizzagate and the satanic tendencies of the rich and political for almost 30 years and believe it to be true! I'm looking forward to when the whole world knows and deals with this crap!

  37. The Serenity Gardens Uxbridge says

    I pray Donald Trump is filled with the power and glory of the holy spirit. DONALD TRUMP SAID IN GOD WE TRUST

  38. Susie Annei says

    Why would you play this guy's voice?! You've put him in danger!
    Was it for clicks?!
    You are terrible for doing that!

  39. ElijahJohn888 says

    When war comes IN FULL [ & that in includes civil war & personal war ] multitudes will die without notice [ stupid people I say who think they will watch ww3 on their big screen tv with a big bag of chips like they were watching the super bowl die a fools death ]. Not a moment to repent therefore dying UN saved & sealing their fate { Rev. 20:15 } Get saved today { Romans 10:9 & 10 also verse 13 }. DO NOT DELAY b/c if you do not Repent { Luke 13:3 } you not only will curse the day you were born but also the womb that gave you birth 🙁 ~Maranatha~ p.s the only winner in

  40. Anonymous Texan says
  41. jerry719 h says

    Tim im still unable to verify your information after a week. It leads to dead ends or doesnt match up.

  42. jerry719 h says

    So montagraph upset you. Ok fair enough. But you shouldnt fabricate evidence based on your feelings on certain subjects just to make someone look bad. That is poor journalism. Also its playing right into the divide conquer agenda. Instead of finding a common ground. Becuase actually, he IS one of the good guys. This is for anyone reading through comments. Assuming this comment isnt shadow blocked.

  43. L2design says


  44. Laura Out There says

    As usual, as in all of your blathering and divisive videos, you've given no proof of anything, shown no reason(s) for your claims, and made yourself look like an attention-seeking, moronic psychopath. You should seek professional help. Also, Potter's vid was downloaded easily by me. Lie much?

  45. victoria jacobs says

    Timothy, every time you courageously post a video, you shine daylight on the vampires who are consuming our children! I am so thankful you are willing to face these cloven-footed demoniac fiends with your indomitable spirit and obviously (primarily) your trust in God. Are you going to get a patreon account? I don't use paypal, but I would like to support you. Also, you can take this for what it's worth, since you did not ask me for advice, but in reading some of the comments back and forth between you and montagraph and whoever else is messaging you with unveiled threats, you might want to consider the following…. I get it, they are threatening you, and you are not a person to back down from a fight, a quality that is serving you well in this struggle to expose them. But, even though the facts, truth, God, and the cleansing light of day are on your side, and it's obvious they are the criminals, your engaging with them in the comments may not be the best strategy. I'm just saying that them threatening and you baiting them back only encourages their sick obsession with you. The best thing you could do, is treat them as if they are stalkers which they truly are. You have to cut off all communication with them. You may not be able to stop them from contacting you in different ways, but you can certainly not respond. Now there is a caveat, in that you need to evaluate for yourself if you feel these people are so psychopathic that cutting them off completely will make them ratchet up the abuse to be more than just verbal. Hopefully, everything Kevin Flynn said is true, and montagraph will be shut down soon as well. He seems to still be making videos. So, I will continue to pray for your safety and continued success in getting the message out and shining the light into the darkness. Ty,v

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