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Ravi Ragbir: Immigrant Leaders Are Surveilled & Targeted for Speaking Out About Trump’s Deportations


– On Friday, a federal judge stayed the deportation of New York City immigrant rights leader Ravi Ragbir, after he filed a free speech lawsuit arguing immigration officials unconstitutionally used their power to suppress political dissent by targeting outspoken activists for surveillance and deportation. The judge stayed the deportation only one day before Ravi Ragbir was scheduled to be deported. He has now been ordered to check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on March 15. For more, we speak with Ravi Ragbir, executive director of the New Sanctuary Coalition.

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  1. B Smith. says


  2. heat cliff says

    The American people LOVE trump. Don't be fools to you favorite program. All good food become toilet matter. White trash and black behind is you enemies.

  3. delon a says

    Ice , can you please deport this loud mouth criminal squatter asp? Fuck these illegal scumbag squatters,deport them all now!!!! You are fucking criminals!! Deport all illegals now!!!


    Azerbaijan dictator dictotor Ilham Aliyev

  5. delon a says

    These liberal judges are ruining our country!!!

  6. Big Mike says

    He's not being targeted for speaking out. He's being deported for a wire fraud conviction. It's called moral turpitude. So fuck him and deport his ass. This asshole broke the law and wants a free pass. Pass his ass back to where he came from with a one way ticket and hand him the bill for the ticket.

  7. Donald J Drumpf says

    he knows da wae

  8. tony fat says

    If you can't do the time don't do the crime.. time to deport them

  9. tony fat says

    I hope ice is taking names on these people speaking.. Deport them all

  10. Forever be says

    Nydia Velazquez 2020!!

  11. Maria Schicklgruber says

    Ravi Ragbir is a felon DEPORT him NOW

  12. chris mclaughlin says

    Raw propaganda from commie Amy.
    Fake news.

  13. ZombCore says

    The comments on this thread are disgusting. Ignorant Trump supporters need to realize that they are all descendants of immigrants.

  14. Daniel James says

    If they came in illegally Deport Them!! They Broke Into our Country. That’s the Same as a Burglar, Breaking and Entering! Fact and that’s not Debatable.Comparison is the Thief of Joy. Teddy Roosevelt’s quote.

  15. the teach says

    Nasty, foul white supremacist trash has taken drumpf's pissy balls into THEIR shit holes. Disgusting fake judges

  16. Happy Gilmore says

    How about GTFOH

  17. 2 Guys Store says

    JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS (in the WH)don't worry you don't need SECURITY CLEARANCE
    The ingredients that a person must have to have to work with the DESPICABLE trump are: dishonest, cynic, liar, abuser of women (beating the shit of them, cowards), rapists like him, grab women by their genitals (like trump) and be a "professional kissing ass (brown nose)" that helps a lot, because the "CHILD SH*THOLE OF TRUMP" only gives work to the BEST and INTELLIGENT people. (like his daughter and son-in-law). I don't know what these two F***ING MORONS are doing in the White House that is called NEPOTISM.
    SAD, BELIEVE ME, MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPEACHMENT HIM ASAP, PLEASE.
    Honesty, never had a substitute. Unfortunately the past does not forgive!

  18. MagicKirin1 says

    You are an illegal alien advocate and do not care about the people killed by illegal aliens

  19. captindo says

    Ice and those that act like a gestapo will be remembered decade's later by those around them as human dumpster fires. Some empathy and human decency will change things for your country, cheers from Canada.

  20. The White Man says

    He's not a citizen, he has no rights in America! He's a criminal, and since he's helping others to break our immigration laws he should be made an example of and put in prison for life!

  21. maddgun says

    He is a convicted felon and here illegally! Enough with his liberal horseshit.  Deport them ALL!!

  22. Arius Black says

    To attempt to wrap yourself in the words and symbolism of MLK was mad fucking disrespectful. As a BLK American It is offensive, insulting to our martyrs & we intensely resent you.
    You are no MLK.

    You're not a victim when you volunteer.
    You chose to engage in behavior that lost you your granted privilege, status & standing.

    You did this to yourself.
    You are not a United States citizen, your presence on American Soil is a violation of Sovereignty. You have neither a visa, nor a right to be within the borders of the USA unauthorized.

  23. Baltimore TURK says

    They might have found their Latino " MARTIN LUTHER KING". They need to go through a lot of shit before the White Man even consider them as humans. Good luck Illegals but remember the plite of the negro, and they bought us over here! And they are still killing us today.

  24. Vince Tagliano says

    I see no reason why Mr. Ragbir can't protest and criticize America's immigration laws in his own country of Trinidad.

  25. Chad Austin says

    Good to see so many compassionate conservatives supporting people over politics in the comments. It'd be a right shame if they were to, say, quote arguments used by neo-nazis and white supremacists to demean and threaten "illegal immigrants".

  26. james bannon says

    if you want to see propaganda look at Info Wars, Breitbart and FOX news,,,,,there is your real fake news

  27. David Andrews says

    I'm a huge fan of DN! but I must criticize your poor and incessant coverage of Ravi Ragbeer. Can you please ask why he came to America (as an adult I presume) in the first place? And then can you ask why he stayed here (presumably illegally)?

  28. Rebecca Quedou says

    Ravi what? You own Truth, how about the Truth that you all Not from this Country and you have No Right to be in the US.. And it's About 31 years late, so we have some catching up to do, to take OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  29. Street Knowledge says

    Que Trump, se valla ala concha de su madre.

  30. Delovely 1 says

    I comsider myself a member ofnthe left and I just can't get on board with this…if you aren't here legally you should expect to be deported. Sorry if that hurts personal feelings.

  31. Rick Bishop says

    The democratic party is not a liberal party. Neither can the republicans be considered conservative. Neither party serves the people but their corporate masters. Any human in our borders are covered by our laws, and have the same human rights.

  32. I-T iyah man says

    this guy did time for securing loans with stolen identities. he is a Felon.he don't stand a chance send him to Chaguanas or point fortin he a Trickydadian

  33. I-T iyah man says

    I know N VELASQUEZ.when she used to live in Grand Av Brooklyn.she should worry about us being kicked out of bushwick by the pirates with man bun.fake puertorican

  34. Viva La Migra says

    Label illegals as enemy combatants.

  35. Nellie K. Adaba says

    I thought he was deported back to Trinidad.

  36. Patrick Barrett says

    Stay in you're own country and make it great!

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