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In 2016 I competed in a travel challenge hosted by Red Bull called “Can You Make It?” They’re doing it again this year, so they hired me to help promote it. They want me to help spread awareness and excitement and encourage more people to apply.

I made some videos promoting the challenge, but they also flew me down to Florida to meet with some of their marketing team and help with an event in Orlando. This vlog is my trip from New York to Miami, but the next few episodes I’ll show more exciting things like a mock Can You Make It? that the Red Bull student brand managers participate in and the following day, we drive up to Orlando to host an event at Knights Pub to promote directly to college students at UCF.

Plenty more vlogs to come!

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  1. Omari Joseph says

    Hello Yalo…Since you got back're uploading alot more frequently..if you are the last might get a crappy seat as well…lol..Hi Carlie..i like your tune (Yalo tell her i said so)..that wharehuse is much Red Bull..toss that puppy my way Yalo..That Chef is amazing..i'm sure you're not missing that Asian road food you ate..good video Yalo

  2. Rayzitooo D says

    I’m loving these vlogs Steve! Enjoy your time in FL 🙂

  3. Wolfpack Airsoft Michigan says

    Making a video tomorrow! Inspired me man! I’ll link it to you when it’s done.

  4. Divert Living says

    Where in new york are you from?

  5. Jordan Pike says

    Pro plane tip Steve!! That's ingenious dude! Haha. Love your editing and video flow man. When I hit that sub button early in your SE Asia trip, your attention to detail in the editing had a lot to do with it. Not to mention the beaming personality of the dude holding the camera. 😉 This upload frequency is insane and you're doing awesome man. Keep up the great work! HUGE things coming for ya!!

  6. Raymond Lovera says

    Noooice. Meal looks excellent. 😁

  7. Dario Alexander says

    Great to see you have an ongoing relationship with Redbull. Hopefully it turns into something much bigger as you travel and other brands as well. Keep em coming.

  8. Valerie L. says

    Go Knights!

  9. luckens briseu says

    Oh boy, I hope I'm in the next one🤓🤓🤓

  10. Mr Bicycle says

    That chef is sure taking a lot 🙂

  11. Rockstar 007 says

    hi steve, i am from india, can i apply for this "can u make it" event ?? if yes ,how ??

  12. PARSL3Y says

    This vlog was amaizng Dude! FRIKEN looooved it!! 🙂

  13. Jamie Banks says

    That's awesome they flew you out there ! So cool!! Congrats 🎉

  14. phil allen says


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