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Retire In Thailand 2018 – Have You Experienced These Frustrations?


In this video I highlight some of the frustrations of everyday life when you retire in Thailand 2018. I love Thailand but it is a different way of life, the culture is different and when we retire to Thailand there are a number of things we need to come to terms with as a westerner.

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  1. Ian Wheldale says

    Hi, Simon. Absolutely no point getting frustrated with the culture and customs here because you sure as hell aren't going to change them. Just go with the flow and accept them for what they are. One of my major reasons for leaving the UK was the ever-increasing faction of people trying to change the British culture to their own rather than embracing it as it is. My view is if you don't like the culture of the country where you are then get the hell out and find somewhere that suits you better! I've found the postal service in Chiang Mai to be much better than I expected. I buy stuff from Ali Express and have received everything in a fairly timely manner. Lazada deliveries here use their own transport, not the post office.

  2. ratsamee cunningham says

    Know what you mean about the tv good luck

  3. llttf says

    Good video. Most of the things that you mention are predictable frustrations in Thailand. Are you really surprised or had just forgotten how differently things work (or don't sometimes) in the LOS.?

  4. blueman4444444 says

    Helmet mount for the camera is the way to go as where you look you get the footage the only thing is the sound quality.

  5. John lemm says

    So true about the gossip and saving face Simon Same in my wife’s village About the world news nothing has change much war in the Middle East someone else in the Middle East trying to start a new war Over the usual bullshit Religion You’re not missing much You’re looking a lot more refreshed Thai life suit you good blog stay safe 👍🏼🍺

  6. mr10man69 says

    Great chat Simon. Thanks

  7. mr10man69 says

    Hang in there Simon. Few more years before I retire. I'll bring some new gossip for the village 😉

  8. thomas says

    The extent Thai builders go to save face Simon is not beneficiaries to anyone getting work done. It must be very frustrating. In the UK they would be called COWBOYS. 🐮👦

  9. adesades01 says

    Just been talking to an Aussie guy here in Lampang, be shipped his stuff over in a 20ft container. Customs wanted B18,000 in Bangkok, he told them forget it, settled on B9,000, lol.

  10. Imre says

    Yesss!!!!! I LLLove it! Goood!! Well, Simon just take care of your bubble. Keep it! Good to see you are in the middle of all this 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. thai ties pete says

    Great little vlog .whish I had your problems .555 .keep up the great work .I'll be in the heat up in our village in4days cheers say hi to meme 🙂

  12. Andrew Lloyd says

    Excellent nice to hear you chatting. I listen whilst sorting through emails. Enjoy your days..
    Best wishes from me here.

  13. Adrian Stealth says

    Hi Simon , I’m back in uk now , spoke to you on your live chat (guns) from Samui, Thai heat does sap energy even doing my little daily workouts -pressups in the evening under a big fan seemed almost impossible , running was slow jogging at best

  14. alibalibe100 says

    I can only agree with you 100000000000000000% regarding Thai builders i am in the middle of a build the now greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. JBT Cajun says

    Many people living in south and central America have the same issues about time, appointments and work ethics.

  16. JBT Cajun says

    I high school a slightly older friend who was a cop pulled me over 1 block from home to invite to a party. We spoke for less than a minute. I went straight home and grandma was standing on back porch with the look. You from big city. Small town life same everywhere. You will learn it's intricacies and feel comforted in time. The bongos, AND CARING have many angles.

  17. Marikrisenco says

    My wife and I were watching your vlog and my wife loves Mems handbags & shelves in your house. She loves the idea of you sharing the office with your wife's handbag shelves. It seems all asian girls think alike and are obsessed with handbags lol.

  18. jonny car says

    i,ve visited a few times for lengthy amounts of time and i agree with you in the fact that the word "frustrating" crops up a hell of alot haha, part of the "thai" parcel i guess but just a "part".. keep enjoying the other parts !!!!

  19. Traveling man says

    Lying is normal…it's not just saving face! Driving too fast while thinking much slower then most humans is why Thai's are proud of being the number one worst traffic fatalities which is ok with the government apparently. Men here are often not the kind I 'd want to take to war! They love being viewed as children by those who control what they see, hear and think! Other then what Ive outlined Thais are nice people!

  20. Loma kakai says


  21. bob Metcalfe says

    Hi Simon , spot on, everything you said there , was chuckling to myself when you mention Thai Tv comedy, I sit there and watch my wife tears rolling down her face with laughter at these very silly programmes ,,,lol cheers thanks for sharing…bob

  22. Casual Carolina Fishing says

    Heck no, I don't mind. I enjoyed catching up. Been busy so I only get by once in a while, but glad to know you're hanging in there and beginning to feel at home some now.

  23. Happy Days says

    Bang on. It is hard work to adjust to the Thai way of things but I do believe they have a healthier general attitude towards life.
    In regards to the Thai Post, I thought they were bad too until I came to Sweden and had to deal with PostNord (Sweden's Post Office). Suffice to say, PostNord makes the Thai Post Office look professional.

  24. johnny dinsomore says

    your postman is maybe scared of your dogs lol am sure they heard of your man getting his pecker bit lol

  25. kyotosal says

    Hang in there Simon. Gem Mem to talk to the builders. They will respond to a strong woman….Sal : )

  26. Roy Porter says

    I don't know how much of your income comes from the UK but today the £ dropped and you only get Bt42.98 to the £ and that's Bank Rate as well ! How's your bubble now ?

  27. Sean smith says

    Hahaha yes i hate the sound effects they have on all the shows too,,, And yes about losing face i say to my builders if you don't know how to do it say so,, because if i find out that you don't know when you go to do it,, you will lose face,,,LOL,, some times the post man gives our post to the neighbours because we are not home and they don't want it to go missing,, which is good,,

  28. marty james says

    Hi Simon – i lived in Thailand for a year and relate to a lot of what you are saying. I miss the (at least on the surface) pleasantness of the Thai people – no road rage and ill tempered people. Thais definitely have a totally different mind set and understanding it aint easy! cheers

  29. Canuk Travels says

    Wil here Simon, from Canada your Monologue was not boring at least to me because this is the reality of your life there. A reality that those of us who have not yet made the move can benefit from. So thank you for that.

  30. ThomasNSherrod says

    Good one Simon. Really spot on with your observations. "Thai time," saving face, gossip, etiquette all factors for sure. Really gotta just surrender to the Thai ways (& the heat! & yung). Living more rural might have a few more obstacles than say livin' in BKK perhaps (?)… Though if the post mishaps keep showing, assume probably someone higher in the Post up you could talk to. Overall I've found the language barrier always been the most difficult obstacles. Still I love Thailand. Overall the "escape" factor from the world personally I like.

  31. Adrian Hide says

    The culture thing can be frustrating but also funny. Being from sunny Cheltenham I do feel the heat & need to rehydrate often but as soon as I suggest a drink it turns into a meal these guys & girls can pack it away in those hollow legs 5 times a day & I struggle with 2 bowls or plates of something. They can not sit & stop just for a drink lol

  32. Lee Hickey says

    Hi Simon, absolutely loved this vlog!! Had me laughing. Your looking good so obviously the Thai life is having a good effect! keep up with your videos and thanks.

  33. Ron Floyd says

    Having been in Pattaya for 24 hours, I hear you Simon. The language issue is my big frustration so far. Probably my biggest mistake so far is not learning some basic phrases. I had a phone issue (fixed now) and trying to communicate that was difficult, to say the least. The subscribers and their friends were a godsend last night. They helped me adjust in ways that I couldn't have done on my own. A big thanks to them, and you Simon. You are all stars in my book!

  34. Ronald Honda says

    Not bored at all, Simon. I feel your frustration and know all about small town gossip. It will get better.

  35. J H says

    More" Hammock Hangouts" please Simon.

  36. Dennis Harvey says

    Your comments are an absolute carbon copy of my own experiences over almost 30 years in Thailand. My Wife still says YES in the first instance. It will probably never change.

  37. Dan Man says

    I dont how u could love Bangkok n live in rural Thailand. Probably because u r such an easy going good person.

  38. Alex Steele says

    Simon, repeating this comment from your previous video for a better chance of you seeing it: Simon, you can replace the screen on an iPhone. A YouTube video will show you how. I just searched "replace screen iphone" and discovered many. Thanks to you and Mem for the super videos. Tell Mem we miss her.

  39. Alex Steele says

    Thank-you, Simon, for the insights into Thai people's character. Fascinating. For staying cooler, have you ever tried eating more cooling foods like coconut water, cucumbers and watermelon? Also, avoiding the heating foods, such as meat and poultry? If you try this, I hope you'll comment in a video.

  40. Mr. Box says

    While I am here, have you gone missing?

  41. Dennis Harvey says

    If you have postal problems which is common in Thailand, We have solved the problem by having a box at the Local Post Office – it works!

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