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ENTER THE GIVEAWAY – | Sub for more: | Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.

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  1. Ted Medford says

    They are going to do nothing . It makes sick.

  2. Kelly Martin says

    Omg…Trump is exposing them…or I should say they are exposing and incriminating themselves by how they are answering questions…it takes a min

  3. William Hicks says

    Pay attention folks!!!! NOTHING AND I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on this channel, Info Wars, MSM or any other channel mean anything. NONE OF IT MATTERS!!!!!!! If you haven't been following Q you are lost!!!! Info Wars is a disinformation site being ran to give the MSM relevance. It's a psyop!!!! If Mueller or Rosenstein are corrupt they will be taken down just like the 40 plus congressmen including Paul Ryan. Q announced this weeks ago. Hillary asked for a plea deal, response, WE SAID NO DEAL!!!!! Quite frankly, after following Q I am unable to watch N3, Info Wars, listen to Limbaugh, any of it. It all seems like propaganda being passed on to second graders. Q wants people to get the word out, why isn't anyone with a large audience covering it? Potus will post a exact copy of a Q post only a minute or two after Q posted it to prove Q's is real, this has happened several times. Q predicted the fall of House of Saud, 3 day before, NYC failed attack, 2 days before, Rothschild plane crash and the list goes on and on. This is the most news worthy story in the history of the world. Trump, Military Intelligence, NSA are attempting to take down a global pedophile elite that has been ruling the world since the 1500's and not one major news outlet is breathing a word about it. Putin and Xi are on board as well. We are talking about a world w/o Federal Banks and the Rothschild's, who I think may be already dead, Soros who is the current target, CIA who uses NK as their modern day area 51, The house of Saud, ( already destroyed) the #1 funder of 9/11 and all false flags. This is HUGE and it is 100% factual.

  4. Sierra Jade says

    Why the hell are Obama's people still in the White House?

  5. robert j mcgregor says

    may sessions die in a car crash

  6. J PB says

    He's a crook, arrest him.

  7. robert j mcgregor says

    may sessions die in fire and burn alive may he have the most horrible death possible

  8. hillberg100 says

    Not a Trump legacy – An Obamas legacy, treason, corruption.

  9. Blitzie 123 says

    They try with the cute window dressings but walk in the "store" and see for urself the dirt grime and coverups….

  10. Bruce Barrett says

    rosenstein is as crooked as they come. sessions did trump bad and has no class or he would unrecuse himself. he doesnt want to work or is part of the cabal deepstate

  11. Terry Brady says

    If you’re suggesting that Trump should fire Mueller you are wrong. That would look like sh.t and appear that he had something to hide. Let Mueller play out his useless investigation and come up empty handed. The corrupt FBI and DOJ personnel need to be investigated and exposed for collusion with the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and the Russians.

  12. Fabien Eldridge says

    No way, they all should be in Prison ! Rod needs to fired also, good cause means there is none. He been paid off, I don't trust him, anything that makes a person for any reason think it MIGHT be wrong means it is wrong, thats the standard, he is playing us all. He knows the law, none that have been involved can take on this case.

  13. vermilion freeman says

    who's thumb is Sessions sitting on to continue ignoring the obvious acts of sedition against Trump ?

  14. Win94ae says

    Well then, he would need fired too.

  15. Terry Moore says

    He needs to go as well…just clean out all Left over's !

  16. elite grower says


  17. Alexander Joel says

    WOW JUST WOW!!!!

  18. Stephen FitzGerald says

    I watched Mr. Rosenstein's testimony and he seems unworried about any of this evidence. That tells me that nothing is going come from any of this new information and that Mr. Mueller will continue on even though he and Rosensstein are implicated with the Uranium One Scandal.

  19. Wanda Roderick says

    Rod Rosenstein needs to be fired immediately he's a damn traitor to this country where in the hell is the law

  20. Trish McGreal says

    Rosenstein’s wife, Lisa Barsoomian, worked for FBI, Clintons, Obamas as a ‘shot blocker’. To block FOI requests. When working for FBI aliases are used. Like Loretta Lynch, Hillary and Chelsea they all used aliases. Someone should ask what relationship does Lisa Page have to Rosenstein, daughter or step daughter maybe.

  21. Richard Butterfoss says

    Well we can fire Rod!

  22. Nickle says

    Did you ever think Mueller isn't doing what people think he's doing. Ignore the reporting, look at the results. Only conservatives hit were Manafort (a dirtbag) and Flynn (dumb enough to lie). There is no other damage done.

  23. neweyes777 says

    OMG! He shouldn't have any say so and shouldn't even be walking free!

  24. strafe777 says

    Mr. Rosenstein do not forget your wages are PAID by the American taxpayers. Quit lying like your pal Hillary, you see where she ended up.

  25. Ion John says

    Trump should fire Mueller and hire a prosecutor capable to look up for clinton rusia collusion…Trump needs a prosecutor from out of washington

  26. T. Shrine says

    These crimes call for nothing short of execution!

  27. TangoX says

    Of course! What more would you expect from this twisted mime Rosenstein!? Why would you expect criminals to judge themselves? Impossible. These filthy animals have to be slaughtered before they infect their mad cow disease on what FEW good men and women remain in government.

  28. Maria Rivera says

    He'll yes President Trump needs to fire these crooked pro Obama ppl!

  29. Dennis Amsden says

    Rod is one of the crooked motherfucker on the planet

  30. inga robinson says

    Rosenstein is the next needs to be fired period , he is just as corrupt as the rest of his comrades !

  31. GlobalCitizen says

    But Mueller isnt a cop is he ?
    Doesnt he have a rote learning degree in law ?
    And with those academic obtainments and whoever he knew and whatever his memberships were he was then appointed to head the FBI. How does that make you a cop ?

  32. GlobalCitizen says

    Rosenstein does appear to have a happy smug on his face

  33. BeardedBarley1 says

    I agree.

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