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Shining a Light on Women’s Rights | The Truth Has a Voice | The New York Times


In this commercial, Times news articles shine a light on women’s rights around the world. Elevating women’s voices and exposing those who would otherwise silence them. Read the stories at

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  1. Melanie says

    We don't need you

  2. MisterAxeMan says

    Women really need help in the middle east

  3. Samir Hejab says

    Wow, what about Israel and the occupation, the killing and imprisonment of young girls and women the destructions of houses….
    I guess NYT will continue to hide the truth.

  4. dima krupchov says

    what we need is american unity not politics or a voice. To add we need coomon sence and brutal force in other lands Including the middle east if we take it by force than modernize it and leave it alon not making a puppet out of it we will end up in great places

  5. SUCC me daddy says

    Silly rabbit, rights are for men.

  6. Shayla C says

    Helpful message. It is easy to buy in to the repeated rhetoric by female-bashers, with their assertion that all women are gold-diggers or liars or whatever they decide to label women as next week.
    The truth is that women are still not treated equally around the world and that there is alot of work still to do for women's rights.

  7. Dragon Lowe says

    You know what you can do instead of help, there is always a balance to be created, as there is ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY AROUND. HOW MANY TIMES BEFORE YOU FIGURE THIS OUT?

  8. 99015130 says

    Ok, first of all, please do not compare the woman in countries who treat them like second rate citizens. So don't compare them to a country that always gives women the benefit of the doubt and are treated like victims of everything so don't go saying they won't get in they will be voted in like everyone else. Yes woman are treated unfairly in other parts of the world but not in most free democracies they are treated fairly and so what women are the majority of voters but it does not mean they always vote for women.

  9. flaming kitsune says

    wow something I can agree with women in the middle east do need help

  10. Kunt Destroyer says

    I can't wait for the far left feminazis to get here and get butthurt about how The New York Times is using women's struggles to promote an advertising campaign for TNYT.

  11. Reckless potato says

    Here like in America and the UK we dont need women rights because were not oppressed but women in the middle east do.

  12. Hamidreza Jabbari Barjasteh says

    TEHRAN – Thousands of Iranians took to the streets of the historic city of ISFAHAN on Wednesday to protest several acid attacks on women.
    Even if the headline was made in haste, you could fix it for the sake of my eye balls and your OWN ad, right?

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