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Smoky Food | Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Kochi | Jaunt Monkey Food Video


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What is Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream of Smoky Food?
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Creams are those Ice creams which are processed (freezing process) using liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a colorless odorless clear liquid. Using liquid nitrogen helps to freeze food and drinks instantly. While preparing ice creams, liquid nitrogen rapid freezes the mixture and avoids ice crystals. This gives the needed creamy consistency for the ice cream.
Is liquid nitrogen ice cream safe?
Yes, it can safely be used in food preparation. However, make sure that the liquid nitrogen has fully evaporated before consuming the food.
We do not recommend Brain Freezer for kids.
In this video we are visiting a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop where you will see how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream. The shop uses a simple liquid nitrogen ice cream machine and I enjoyed the taste of food that they served.
Liquid nitrogen ice cream in India is not very common. However, we had a chance to visit and try this unique variety from a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in Kochi. So watch our smoky food experience and share the video among your friends.
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  6. Jithin James says

    Liquid nitrogen must be evaporated from food before serving because it has ability to expand volume by 700 times. It may cause damage of internal organs. Recently reported that a guy who drunk hot liquid nitrogen causes holes in his stomach.

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