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Spring Time in New York City


Living in New York City: Spring has finally arrived.

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  1. Frisnel Leger says

    I love it! I have yet to come across someone who does New York City videos quite like you short yet memorable you haven't lost your mojo yet keep them coming one of these days. I will reside in New York City GOD willing in the mean
    time GOD bless you!

  2. Danni London says

    Your videos never let me down!!!

  3. Dani28 says

    Wow! (Fun-fact) the black guy with the hat playing chest is a famous music producer 😉.

  4. Jacob Underwood says

    Amazing Video!

  5. Tatiana Drayton says

    Hi, i'm fairly a new subbie. I love your channel. I'm a native New Yorker, born and raised in NYC. Your videos of NYC is incredible, they're short but very impressive, you show the beauty of my city. I like how you inform us on living situation, housing, and just daily life in NYC. It gives outsiders a look of how life is like living in "The Big Apple." Thanks so much for your awesome videos!!!

  6. Daniel Zapata Martinez says

    Your videos are so inspiring! i do feel in ny when i see them haha , keep it up!

  7. Christopher A. says

    The opening beat samples "Mind Games" by John Lennon.

  8. gman says

    A Thumbs up from me, as per usual. Even managed to catch a glimpse of The Flatiron building…which is one of my all time fave buildings 🙂

  9. Extra Lite says

    One day I will roam the streets of NYC just like your videos.

  10. belinda jess says

    Beautiful ❤️

  11. Musa Issa says

    Your videos make me really happy. You capture the true essence of some parts of the city.

  12. GirlBoss603252 says

    The taxi driver and the pigeon. Beautiful.

  13. Jack Val says

    NYC..Can't wait to get back for the summer..

  14. Yellow ocean Original songs says

    Excellent video thanks 🙏

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