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Stormy weather to bring snow, ice and heavy rain to eastern US


Stormy weather to bring snow, ice and heavy rain to eastern US
An active weather pattern continues for a large part of United States this week. Add Interest Rain, snow and ice over the weekend caused a lot of havoc on roadways from the Plains to the Northeast, and there was even storm damage reported in northern Florida. A major pileup was reported southwest of St. Louis on Sunday. Several people were injured and one person was killed. Many accidents were also reported in New York. Two more storms are expected to move through the U.S. through Wednesday. The National Weather Service has issued winter weather alerts for 20 states. The first storm system is moving into the Plains and the Midwest this afternoon and into the evening, bringing snow with it just in time for rush hour from Omaha to Des Moines and even into Chicago. Several inches of snow are expected throughout the Midwest. Roads may become treacherous. The next storm will be stronger as it moves east from the Rockies into the Midwest on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning. This storm will pick up Gulf of Mexico moisture and bring very heavy rain to the southern states and snow, heavy at times, from from the Midwest and southern Great Lakes. The storm system will move into the Northeast and the Southeast on Wednesday evening, arriving around rush hour for cities like New York and Atlanta. Several inches of snow can be expected in the Northeast, especially inland. Coastal cities may see heavy rain. Over the next few days, the heaviest snowfall will be from Iowa to Illinois and inland in the Northeast, from northern Pennsylvania into northwestern New York and New England, which may see half a foot or more accumulate. Below-normal temperatures will continue in the Upper Midwest and the Great Lakes through most of the week and into the weekend. Some of that air will occasionally make its way into the Northeast and the mid-South through the week as well.
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