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Tech Investor Peter Thiel Speaks At Economic Club Of New York – Thursday March 15, 2018 | CNBC


PayPal founder and former CEO Peter Thiel speaks at the Economic Club of New York.
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Tech Investor Peter Thiel Speaks At Economic Club Of New York – Thursday March 15, 2018 | CNBC

  1. AECAMEL says

    my right ear enjoyed the conversation


    Mr. Thiels problem is that he focuses on what something is worth not what it contributes….

  3. Rob Madsen says

    did i hear …the History NEVER repeats itself?????48.05…. The quote is most likely due to writer and philosopher George Santayana, and in its original form it read, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." … According to Santayana's philosophy, history repeats itself.

  4. Dwight Dunker says

    @CNBC How can you keep this video up with bad audio quality?? I don't hear anything.

  5. AndrejCibikDesign says

    My left ear is nwo wiser

  6. roseagain2 says

    Half the country didn't vote for trump or hillary. Not even half of the people in the US voted. That says a lot about our choices!

  7. Dew Time says

    Finally some NEW peter theil footage. It’s usually his old talks with the same old questions and answers

  8. Jimi Hendrixx says

    I wonder why he didn't respond to the Amazon is getting into checking accounts comment. Any ideas?

  9. Uncle Tanner says

    take a shot every time he says "uhm" or "uhh"

  10. xanarchy says

    1 huge difference between gold and bitcoin as stored value. gold is in the 3rd dimension and can be held and physically observed, bitcoin cannot

  11. marc combs says

    Nine years into the Internet of Money and it's just now being noticed. Came for the crypto but found a wealth of good sense across the spectrum of global economics. Peter Thiel for President.

  12. hector andrade says

    Am I crazy or did he say that Bitcoin is a company?

  13. Alexander Mills says

    MIT is developing some fusion reactors…apparently

  14. J Fbooke says

    Trump and the American People will pass the Presidential Tourch to Theil. Love. This Guy

  15. thelaborinthian says

    shaky cam

  16. IsaacDarcheMusic says

    Peter Thiel is garbage. No integrity. No principles. No ethics.

  17. Ben NCM says

    There is something very Hitlerish about Thiel for me. Also, he seems quite autistic. An immense intellect, who has sacrificed something very special to become who he is.

  18. One St says

    He is wrong in supporting trump, but he is a smart man. I thunk he took an extreme position is combating something that’s not extreme left…

  19. Isuzu Buyer says

    Peter, as a freedom loving libertarian, how could you back Trump? How do you feel know that he is congratulating psycho Putin?

  20. Youmothershould Know says

    Hate Trump, but like Thiel. Not sure Thiel could run for POTUS, since he was born in Germany. It’d be great if he could and would run.

  21. Ondra Žižka says

    This guy is a 'lawful neutral'. He doesn't care about anyone and will support good or evil, whatever will serve him. He pumps bitcoin and smears the whole world economy to support his pump. Not trustworthy.

  22. iOn-Christopher DiMeglio says

    4:30m Those are all technologies. Suppose something comes to swallow up technology, the way that computing did? Or Electricity? Or personal transportation?

  23. iOn-Christopher DiMeglio says

    8:45m All those 'ums' – you can't map the elements. Call me!

  24. iOn-Christopher DiMeglio says

    17:30m I've concluded the basic physics of money flow is to recoup the dollar value in product. SV, LA, NY, Phoenix, Vancouver – REAL ESTATE is the most alluring product that the West has to offer to the Chinese cash-rich. The returns far surpass the standard economic Incrementalist and Darwinian models. Do you agree?

  25. thomas murr says

    bitcoin the same as gold? ask me in 100 years…

  26. Christopher Gouveia says

    He seems smarter than Elon Musk

  27. Zedi says

    Great interview.
    Interesting questions and fascinating answers.

  28. GURU Pico says

    If everyone on earth accepts bitcoin. Better store of value. Currently we have a different currency for every country. What is this sht??

  29. witzerdog says

    49:00 but Peter… Trump only offers up straw-man material. He has next to no substance and just all hyperbole and made up facts. I think the Dems lost because of two things: 1) Hillary was the worst candidate ever 2) They stuck to the facts.

  30. SmartU says

    I HODL!

  31. Justin Peanuts says

    The US needs a Value Added Tax. It would result in the US economy being a more investment focused economy rather than a consumption based economy.

  32. Donald Scott says

    Is this guy Fake-President Trump's new boyfriend??

  33. Mashoto Shaku says

    "There are no successful tech companies in Europe " 😂😂😂

  34. Allen A says

    my right ear :'(

  35. Tendo Dragon says

    There are many things can be said about Peter, but one thing I find repetitively in his interviews is how much he cares about the definition. Like in 43:44 he started to define what does AI mean. This is one of the things I believe is fundamental to the productivity of an interaction but very very rarely been done. It is more natural to people to assume what they are thinking are what others are thinking too, but so often this is not the case at all. When the question is poorly defined, answers are rarely relevant enough to make a difference. The person who asks the question is usually not capable of define that clearly, which is up to the answering person to think of this question. Peter is one of the best at this that I've seen in business world.

  36. Paul S says


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