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The New York Times gets cryptocurrency wrong (again?)


I’m quite far away from being a cyrpto-fanboy – but the Former Newspaper gets so many things wrong that there’s no way one can avoid defending the crypto peeps.

Also, the core audience of the NY Times is hardly different from the core audience of the Daily Stormer, judging by the comments. The very idea that the Toilet Paper on Record is anything but a conspiracist loony blog is ridiculous.

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  1. Wallace Wood says

    FA. I am an older guy. I do not understand cc at all. You are doing well as a stand up comic I hope! If not you should. Your analysis is presented with a great humor.

  2. Mac W says

    Hey, good job on the video, my first time on your channel, and thanks for the laughs. You got a sub.

  3. TheShorterboy says

    bitcoin had value in TOR outside it's a joke, dash and it's ilk have value outside TOR as they provide anonymity by default, research work has been done exposing bitcoin actors and its easy with bitcoin the state knows who you are and Ethereum has value due to it's link to contracts.

  4. Jesus69 says

    Lucian, Ethereum is not even designed to be used directly as a form of payment. Its main purpose is to be the foundation of smart-contracts. I can, however, definitely agree with you that the most well known cryptocurrencies are about as non-user-friendly as it gets, because of their long transaction times and high fees. And that is exactly why they will soon be replaced by other coins.

  5. Gabriel says

    The reason he thinks you can get rid of armies is because he thinks crypto is a borer-less currency (that will replace national currencies) and will unite the countries of the world.

  6. Gabriel says

    You would be banned faster than you could say "Ray Ban!" :3

  7. AdolphusOfBlood says

    any sort of currency speculation without insider information is just stupid. "Crypto" or not. Money is after all, worthless unless others think it's worth something. So anyone with a brain would be pulling out faster then a guy that does not want to be a dad right about now. 😛

  8. Gabriel says

    It's insider trading :D.

    You mix ups here make me feel better about my "turtle twins" mix up ^_^

    PS: Ahh you corrected yourself afterwards >_<

  9. Gabriel says

    crypto power! :3

  10. username says

    34:00, it's called Bitcoin Cash

  11. UltimaForsan says

    Unfortunately, a lot of what you say is true.
    I originally got into crypto because I believed that it would be a better system than the current banking system.
    These days, Bitcoin is slow and fees are expensive. It often loses large amounts of value. I cannot explain to my friends why they should buy bitcoin; in fact, I would advise any who wanted to do so to be very careful indeed.
    That said, I believe that the rise of cryptocurrencies is something of an inevitability at this point. The market cycle of boom and bust will continue to attract new "investors" and make many people rich.
    These markets are heavily manipulated and thus it is almost impossible to determine what the true value of a coin should be. There is always drama. There is always hype. There is always FUD. All a retail investor can do is try to ride the waves up and down. Most will fail.

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