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The Pizza Show – Bay Area


The Bay Area is all about great produce, and there’s no better canvas to feature it on than pizza. From SF to Napa, we’re trying some of the best pizza Nor Cal has to offer.

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  1. jamitwitu says

    Do Jersey next

  2. Cornjob McGee says

    i'd like a slice of frank

  3. CoReaderz says

    Frank is really cool cool cool guy! he is so good to people. i wish you all the best, Frank!

  4. Christopher Lycan says

    Do you live in California and are you a Snake Person? California has been regularly gassed with the Radioactive Element Californium which causes Vampirism in Snakes since the 1950's, but Drinking Wine and Eatting Pizza replace drinking blood since Tomatos contain the soul of Blood from Hearts unless it's coming from a mosquito person, and Wine is meant to quench Bloodthirst

  5. Jace Smith says

    I feel so bad for Californians

  6. Maarten van Rossem Lezingen says

    That whole grain hipster bakery makes me cringe. Why would you limit yourself to only serving whole grain sour bread? As if that's the only viable kind of bread. Wouldn't be surprised if it's nothing special.

  7. Shiloh Joseph says

    i loved seeing the deaf couple – they seem so genuine. I wish them every success

  8. choncy barbosa says

    Damn that deaf girl couldn't even understand him because of his Brooklyn accent.

  9. pR1MeYwL99 says

    San Fran… Stop making pizza!

  10. Joe Tran says

    Why is it that the first episode of Ugly Delicious covers almost every spot on the pizza show @frank pinello???

  11. Jack Quinn says

    Cheeseboard pizza was definitely whack

  12. Tokioka says

    Love these episodes

  13. Tom Nguyen says

    First heard of Anthony on Chowhound when pizza content on youtube was scarce. Great to see him doing what he loves

  14. garry kid says

    This show is gold(period)

  15. ginnylin says

    Please please do season 3!

  16. Tabarnacos2 says

    I only watch a new episode when I'm eating pizza. I'm now at this episodes after a few months, it makes it so much better ! I wish they made a season 3 already !

  17. El Neoyorkino Pizza says

    please give frank a season 3

  18. mothersoul1 says

    waiting for season 3

  19. Croptober says

    When is episode 13 dropping???

  20. telephonic says

    Una Pizza Napoletana is coming back to NYC…It's going to be in the Lower east side.

  21. Q says

    How did he come to the Bay for pizza and not try Arizmendi's in Oakland?

  22. Sandy Lee says

    Cheeseboard looks like frozen pizza. Flat frozen crust with crusty super market cheese. Product if Multiculturalism + AssAfirmative Hires = Shitzza !

  23. Andrew Noplis says

    Google says Una Pizza Napoletana is permanently closed! 🙁

  24. Pulp Fiction says

    21:07 Thats what one good ass pizza does to you…

  25. Jonathan Katona says

    Please renew the show for at least another season…

  26. Michael Pardo says

    kratos now planting grapes lol

  27. mukkaar says

    Gotta say, pizza in this episode looks like my kind of pizza.
    Also I have always liked eating my pizza with fork and knife 😛

  28. reason2910 says

    Hippie pizza

  29. Zeeb Beeb says

    nose ring fa9

  30. Kev Mora says

    Pretty cool

  31. radbcc says

    Frank is a natural host….

  32. RHino25768 says

    The Napa pizza scene is life goals

  33. Sean Ehart says

    Una pizza napoletano is closed down?! I just rolled into town and wanted to check it out 😥

  34. big slimey says


  35. Kees Jan Hoeksema says

    Wow Mozzeria brought tears of happiness! And Anthony Mangieri is inspiring.

  36. Jayyy667 says

    San Francisco, where you can contract aids from pizza.

  37. Deniz Yanik says

    This episode touched me

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