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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Colorado. You know The Rocky Mountains


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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Colorado.
Denver Broncos, Rockiy Mountains

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  1. shaelee Turner says

    I live in Estes Park Colorado and it's expensive to live here but it's an awesome place to live!!

  2. Foxlover1014 AJ says

    “Insert the video title here” what if I told you..


  3. Grimm Creeper says

    Also apparently it’s illegal to be homeless

  4. Toby Bedish says

    these are all really dumb reasons expet for the rent

  5. bada bing says

    Wait until they build a wavepool here and you can surf in the summer, then you know you have arrived 😁

  6. Kira McCollom says

    As a native, I 100% agree with all of these.

  7. Devon Lenon says

    Some people are just haters! Im from new mexico, born and raised. Moved to colo springs lived there for 15 yrs. Granted ya gotta be tough to live there. But the weather is not as bad as everyone says. There is an endless number of things to do, inside or out, so im a little confused.

  8. Thomas Mace says

    Yes the winter driving can be a bit of a challenge, especially at night in a blizzard in the 17-degree driving wind after you've blown some fat clouds and decided to take the back route to Breck through Boulder Canyon in your aging Subi. So I'd definitively recommend staying in San Jose where it's safe.

  9. Mandy Valdez says

    People need to stop moving to Colorado already. Nobody wants you here lol

  10. Kyon McDonald says


  11. Drty Harry says

    Just moved to Denver lmfao.

  12. Florida Zaragosa says

    So a reason not to move to colorado is because the sports uniforms are weird?

  13. floofy 2471 says

    Welcome to Colorado, we once hit a record high (for the time of year) while in a blizzard watch. No joke, it was really nice, small breeze one day, next morning I wake up to go to school, and almost broke my back because of the snow and ice on the stairs. And the whole thing about the sun is true. I sat outside for half an hour, and my shoulder had a nasty sunburn, as well as half of my neck. So yes, please wear sunscreen.
    Also, I moved here foue years ago, and if you moved to Colorado 4+ years ago, everyone was cool with your exitience, but now everyone is pretty much unwelcome, and it's expensive as all get out.

  14. Dawnneil Parker says

    I hate Colorado with an passion it's dry and boring and the people are stuck up. I'm so glad that I moved away from that SORRY ass state of Colorado.

  15. D says

    As a coloradoan who's lived here since the womb, for decades, I can say this is one of the best states and you dont realize it till you leave.

    Color AAAAAAA DO not rodo raw dough a makes AAAAAA kids

  16. Coupledyeti Vonvanderburg says

    Just to add on to number six, you pretty much get hotboxed just by driving into Denver. They literally have a growing facility right on the side of I-25

  17. Seth Campbell says

    Jokes on you, I already live there.

  18. Bryan McMillin says

    In my opinion, the biggest reason not to move to Colorado is it will probably not be what you think it will be. Odds are you're not going to be in the mountains. In most Colorado cities, the mountains are what you see in the distance. Drive on I-25 and look to one side and you'll see the mountains. look to the other side and it looks a lot like Kansas. You may be 5 or 6 thousand feet above sea level but the major cities were settled on the flattest land they could find. Unless you find yourself in one of the smaller mountain towns it isn't going to look like you're living in a Hallmark Christmas movie.

  19. Dylan Fiorenza says

    Damn the Californians to hell

  20. oliver perez says

    Colorado is garbage don't move here it's all a lie it's filled with garbage everywhere, people can't drive , and it's too expensive. Sure there's alot of jobs but they don't pay even close to the amount of the rent is

  21. Kiefer Brocker says

    Sounds like you’d be better off in Texas😉

  22. comettamer says

    I live in Wyoming. Colorado is nice, if i could afford it id live there but no dice. Was gonna make a pissy rant, til the winter driving thing made me laugh.

  23. Nick Lindy says

    Colo RAD oh. not Colo Rahd oh.

  24. Clueless says

    We’re the mile “high” state baby

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