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Top Apple HomeKit Accessories You Can Buy


In this video we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite accessories/products that take advantage of Apple’s HomeKit.

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August Smart Lock –
Yale Assure iM1 –
Sensi Thermostat –
Logitech Pop –
Elgato Eve Button –
Philips Hue –
Nanoleaf Aurora –

  1. Mike says

    i love homekit! i recently set up some philips hue lights and a nanolead aurora and they work so well together, especially with siri!

  2. AL3KS S3RB says

    Why do we have to look at you for so long in all your videos? I'd rather see more shots of the product you're talking about

  3. Oyuncu Dedeler says

    Thank you, finally. 🙂

  4. smmozza says

    you stupid apple people …

  5. Cody Williams says

    Where did you get that lamp

  6. pasta says

    4:33 oops

  7. Nick Koutsoulis says

    No good things to talk about on the sensi thermostat. Those things suck all the way. If you don’t believe me read the reviews on Amazon. The things are dangerous and I would never put one in my house.

  8. Nathyn Marius says

    i was calling for this

  9. Ross Wolman says

    What lighting are you using for backlighting the TV behind you? Thanks!

  10. Tim Ivers says

    I feel the need to point out that when it comes to buttons, Philips Hue switches can now be programmed to scenes via the Apple Home app; this allows you to replicate the simple “on/off switch” that grandma might need.

  11. Edward Lu says

    Hey there! Could you tell us what kind of shelves you have flanking your TV? They look great!

  12. bondjw07 says

    Great video, but I would have loved to hear a shout out to homebridge at the end. Many people following macrumors are savvy enough to use it. I personally couldn't do without it.

  13. Jerry Puckett says

    Siri will not unlock my Schlage Smart Lock I have to unlock my iPhone to unlock my Schlage Smart Lock is this the way it is with all Smart Locks

  14. frankthedsigner says

    Don't most of these devices require a hub of some sort to be able to communicate with the Home feature of Apple?

  15. Ben Anderson says

    Please don’t say “hey Siri” in your videos. It turned on my fan and HomePod replied and scared the hell out of me.

  16. Martin marty says


  17. Mac says

    what u think about Koogeek’s stuff?

  18. mementorequiem says

    Siri is just so damn stupid when compared to Google Home. :/ But hey, it does the trick if you are only looking to control your HomeKit enabled devices.

  19. Terry White says

    My favorite lighting is the Lutron Caseta system. Siri, google and Alexa compatible.

  20. JohnyTechReview says

    It is funny how with all the smart control to control devices we are making hard switch to control those “soft switch” lol. It is like we gone so far in circle ended up just having a hard button to turn on the light. At that point just get a regular switch lol. (Yes I get it that you can do scene with a switch but if you have 1-2 devices it make no sense )

  21. Bout001 says

    If it comes to me, the August Smart Lock is a must. Also FIBARO seem to have a nice HomeKit product range

  22. Gockel XXXXXL says

    You can use the Philips hue lightswitch in HomeKit. It has 4 Buttons and it only costs around 25$

  23. Ryan Pastor says

    Caseta Wireless offers the best added value to your home because it controls lighting, but keeps the switch functionality in tact so when you go to sell your home, you can market it as ‘smart’.

    Loved the video. Can you do some review of HomeKit compatible cameras?

  24. Rick Rolled says

    i dropped homekit and went fully smartthings/google home. So many more options

  25. Andrew Wadsworth says

    Lutron Caseta switches are my jam. Had the Philips Hue lights but the disconnect between the lights and the wall switch was maddening. Couldn't convince myself that using my phone was superior to using an analogue wall switch 100% of the time.

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