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Two drunk Newfie brothers fight followed by a pepperspray/tasering by Edmonton Police, 3 arrested


Two drunken newfie brothers scrap it out after a night on the piss at Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta. After having the fight being broken up a couple of times they still continued to want to fight each other again and again. Sooner than later the EPS show up and are quick to pepper spray the drunken newfies, one of them got the fun end of a taser as well. Near the end of the video a social justice warrior decides to get unnecessarily involved with the police up close and personal and they ended up booking her as well for “Obstruction”..

Quite a scene @ your local Whyte ave Tim Hortons here in Edmonton Alberta @ 5/21/2018.

  1. Jacob Namod says

    Lol only took me 10seconds to figure out exactly where this was. Didn't read the description either. Ahh some good stuff here.


    6:20 SJW's come to the rescue!

  3. Cure Optimism says

    I can't tell which I hate worse; The two drunken neanderthal buffoons or the impish hipsters who keep getting in the fucking way, trying to stir shit up.

  4. Miss Ssy says


  5. Little Whore Records says

    Long live Newfoundland

  6. mizakichicrow says

    My new catch phrase is now "you're twisting my tit!" Lol how did they even manage to twist it by holding her arms

  7. In_Defence_ Of _Liberty says

    Caused more disturbance than the two drunk newfs. Again, fucking overkill reaction just because they can.

  8. young munchie says

    Hahaha where's the blood at ?

  9. Eli Weisberg says

    Just do that 1,000 times more near the U of A, and we'll be SJW-free.

  10. dankw2011 says

    The best part was when the woman gets arrested in the end

  11. james 699 says

    more newfie trash

  12. Chris Burke says

    2 drunk idiots fighting. 5 cops. Pepper spray. By all means lady, walk on over & get involved….great idea thumbs up sigh

  13. Muun Nuttall says

    I was I side tavern while this was happening xD

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