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UFO falling to Mexico is drawn from the center of the city 12/22/2017


UFO falling to Mexico is drawn from the center of the city 12/22/2017
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  1. Jonah Vlogs The Canadian says


  2. mario cesar says

    Wtf, when hapen

  3. papagalis papagalius says


  4. Frank Guerrero says

    Must be a fake cause even though Mexico is closer to a 3rd world country than the U.S I'm sure if it was real the military wouldn't just say go pick it up with a tow truck but if it was real that would be as in your face of a sighting as it gets

  5. Reken says

    I want to believe it but it just seems too good to be true

  6. Bay Lyfe says

    Wonder what insurance this ufo has!

  7. Jesse Bauer says

    Were the aliens alright??!!! I sure hope so.
    Poor little fellas 😱

    On a real note- I really do hope this is somehow real, and disclosure is but a day or two away.

  8. Sarah Anderegg says

    Coincidentally the car says SSP on the side

  9. 흫MysticM๛ss996흫 says

    What the… lol

  10. Paul Millard says

    Publicity stunt 🙁

  11. Michael Harless says

    Oh no another UFO ran out of gas

  12. staboogie031 says

    Fake. How they gonna let folks so close to it n have a regular old tow truck move it? ☹️

  13. janet butler says


  14. Franck Jr Ledesma says

    Is this not X Files?

  15. Sandor Jerabek says

    That's crazy

  16. Peter Mertin says

    Hi mav….amazing but I not understand why are so lot of UFOs so little…. The pilot are 1.20m great…. Which a nice weekend 🤗😎🖖

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