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Was It Worth It? | Canada Travel Vlog #4


The final segment out our Canada adventure! Easily visited my two favourite places on the trip after Jasper; Whistler and Vancouver! What an epic way to travel around Canada!!

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Check out the mountie tour here:

Thank you so much TrekAmerica for an awesome time! I did get invited on this trip for free, however, all opinions and views remain honest and my own.

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  1. Madalena Caldas says

    The group managed to convince you to do shots 😁😱

  2. Donald letim says

    Damn this was epic, so beautiful, i loved the nature and i was waiting for of waterfalls. i love this, yeah its worth it.

  3. emeraldsroses says

    Great series. Love the nature shots you made, even the bears 🐻🐾 Keep up the vlogs. What's next?

  4. steve boy says

    go to canada eats sushi hmm no canadian cuisine instead

  5. GoodTravel says

    You are beautiful

  6. Ana is Lost but Found says

    I'm loving this series. I've been dying to visit Canada for foreverrrr and you're just feeding that wanderlust as always!! Keep doing you, boo. Thanks for being so awesome.

  7. Liam Charles says

    I saw my office in some of your shots of Vancouver!

  8. SidhuZoNe says

    You look sooo prettyyy so beautifull

  9. Megan Mieta says

    awnnnn I'm glad you loved Canada! The west coast is gorgeous you must check out the east coast next time! (in the summer) start in Toronto and make your way down! it's also equally as stunning but in a much different way!

  10. ConfessorJaMyung says

    Glad you enjoyed Western Canada! As someone from Ontario, it's always nice to see others enjoy this amazing country that I get to call home. Ps. Vancouver island is great too. I visit out there once a year to see family.

  11. The Sad Traveler says

    That restaurant looked amazing! I was actually just in Vancouver, sadly for only half a day. We spent it in Stanley Park and The Vancouver Aquarium. Lovely section of country in Canada!

  12. Sam Obad says

    Stay alive and healthy wish u good luck everything u make is worth it

  13. Alyssa Arroyo says

    Omg those waterfalls are so beautiful!!!

  14. Matt says

    When my friends and i were younger and we went skiing we would hotbox the hell out of that gondola

  15. Vladimir Kudrak says

    Nice vid!
    I've been to BC in May. Beautiful part of Canada

  16. Lynn says

    OMG, you're in Canada, my homeland … if you can do it Newfoundland is a must do ( but I'm a little biased )

  17. Louise Roden says

    Fab! Whistler and Vancouver were my faves! In fact a year ago today I did the zip line in Whistler. Shit you not 😱🤪

  18. DanielTnc says

    Ahh u should’ve stayed in Vancouver a little longer! There’s so much to see, and u missed Stanley Park!

  19. Hez_am_i says

    Looks like a cool trip. Glad you liked Canada, could actually see you and Scott living there – hint hint lol

  20. Cballin says

    Greetings Aly ,Welcome to Canada eh! 🙂

  21. Rachel McD says

    I just left Whistler in April after living there for 8 months! I had the best Winter there. So weird seeing the lack of snow from the P2P in your footage 😛

  22. Meggie Kay says

    These Canada vlogs made me miss home… even though I'm from the other side of Canada and never been to out west. Haha

  23. sirReimer013 says

    Well now that you are done with the best part of the world, may as well unsubscribe.

    Lol, jk. That would be psycho. I watch "Birmingham".

  24. Tricia Stuart says

    So glad you loved BC…and that was just the tip of the iceberg of our awesomeness. 🙂

  25. Jenny Slatten says

    Crawling with Bears! Yikes!!! 😲 Canada looks so Beautiful tho. Lucky you ☺

  26. Sharon Carter says

    You will have to come back and do the East Coast….Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland…not too touristy…beautiful beaches…hiking…kayaking…whale watching… lots of historic sites…so much more….but I would only venture here July through October.

  27. Alana Schlotter says

    I'm originally from Alberta, so that will always be my favourite part of the country. However I've spent a lot of time in Saskatchewan as I have family there and as much as I make fun of it, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Other parts of Canada that I love is the east coast of Canada and I LOVE Newfoundland! Would totally recommend anyone do a visit to that part of the world. I just need to visit up North, so the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut and then P.E.I. and then I will have seen the entire country.

  28. T Cat says

    So adorable hearing you say the "Welcome to Canada" phrase. I commented while you were still on your trip about looking around at trees back home and thinking they look like over grown shrubs. Wondering if you've been experiencing that as I do going from one coast of Canada to the other. 🙂 Glad you liked my country and hope you get the opportunity to explore more of it.

  29. Rod Tillapaugh says

    Iam very happy you got to enjoy western Canada ,Whistler is a great place ,Vancouver meh…lol..i try to avoid downtown on a daily basis hahahaha.Cant wait to see your next adventure .Your Canadian adventure brought back so many memories of my childhood running amuck amoungst the mountains Thank you Aly.(ps where is my onesie…LOL) <3

  30. Miss Matti says

    Loving this! I live in Canada and there are so many places I want to see, but I think the rockies are breathtaking and so far my favourite part of this country.

  31. Kristina B says

    I grew up in Whistler and now live in Vancouver!!! So glad you got to see some spots 🙂 If anyone ever needs some more travel spots hit me up 🙂

  32. Aprille Shepherd says

    Huge Kisses from Vancouver !!

  33. Pocket Trailblazer says

    Trek America was my first EVER Travel experience and it was EPIC also can’t recommend them enough! This vlog has definitely made me want to go back to Canada asap 🤙😍 awesome job Aly

  34. Catherine Hatt says

    Imagine what it would be like on the East Coast. I'm in Nova Scotia.

  35. Catherine Hatt says

    Imagine what it would be like on the East Coast. I'm in Nova Scotia.

  36. Catherine Hatt says

    Imagine what it would be like on the East Coast. I'm in Nova Scotia.

  37. Catherine Hatt says

    Imagine what it would be like on the East Coast. I'm in Nova Scotia.

  38. RZZ nn says

    When you want to coming back to my country……………..before you come with one person. But, hope you will come with two persons. Your beautiful baby….hope will be like you. That baby will be beautiful blonde hair like you, beautiful blue eyes like you, beautiful noise like you, beautiful skin like you, beautiful ears like you, beautiful eyebrow like you, beautiful lip like you and beautiful heart like you…

  39. Connie Ferris says

    The Trek you did looked so amazing. It's tempting me to just buy a one way ticket to Canada!

  40. zayn de Vries says

    cool !!

  41. Aimees Jewellery says

    going on this trip in one months time and i am SO looking forward to it, this just amped up the excitement by 100%

  42. The Huuz AhmeD says

    Come to Bangladesh

  43. Janet Eileen says

    Way to go Aly, was great seeing you have so much fun in my Country. Now you just need to see the other 8 provinces and 3 territories. Better start saving your nickels and dimes!

  44. TravelBug says

    Being vegan changed my life! Lovely to see your journey <3

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