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  1. Jay Ro says

    It's called an ATTRACTION COMPLEX. And WRE would have been the biggest. It would NOT have been the first. That goes to Casey Jr/Story Book at DLR.

  2. Sammy Lane says

    For a big(really..BIG) project like this,you have to accept the reality of what it becomes and accept that it is and isn't what one expects from their dream project,but personally,yeah,I do think this multi jointed ride(s) would have been awesome…had it not been for all the hurtles it faced. The biggest hurtle being the 1970's Gas shortage,ultimately,Mr. Disney made the right economical choice though. Reality sucks,huh??

  3. Kodachrome40 says

    I saw the models for this ride at Disney World in the late 70's.
    When the Indiana Jones ride was being developed for Disneyland there were also plans for it to include the Jungle Boats and the Disneyland train but all of that was scrapped.

  4. Shoulderpads-mcgee says

    I wished they'd at least have put effort into pirates. Looking at California's makes Florida's so pitiful in comparison

  5. snarkus63 says

    A few years back,Disneyland's old Adventure Through Inner Space ride was recreated through CGI (as of this post,it can be seen here). There's a project to similarly recreate WDW's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (currently on hiatus). Imagine if someone chose to create a virtual version of this idea…or at the very least,the Western River ride.

  6. Nautical Films says

    I really wish they'd revisit this idea.

  7. DarknessGMS 2244 says

    Great stuff Rob! I wonder if Disney ever decides to create a new park would they approach this original concept . Westerns have been out of style for a while now but with Westworld being a huge hit , it's popularity is on the rise again. Disney's 5th park could be designed in a similar way like Islands of Adventure where you have unique experiences as you progress thought each island. Imagine you enter into Disney's Yesteryear .. walk through Western-land, Medieval Land, Feudal Japan-Asian Land etc.

  8. Mitchell Hartley says

    They should bring it back

  9. GravemindZombie says

    I always liked some of the older areas in the magic kingdom, I like how the railroad goes through splash mountain, like how the people mover goes through most of the Tomorrowland attractions, kinda wish they had applied this idea to more lands in the parks.

  10. Andrew Kowalczyk says

    This is always one of the best "What If"s to think about with Disney. I've always been interested in this project

  11. Ohana Means Disney says

    I'd love to see you do a video on the new generation of Imagineers, seeing as Marty Sklar has passed.

  12. Phillysub says

    Pirates is my favorite MK ride!

  13. Noah Janzen says

    Clickbait Title: Did Baby Boomers Kill Western River Expedition?

  14. MnMsandOreos says

    I'm glad it never happened because the section with the natives probably would have been racist and I'm good without that in Disney, thank you very much.

  15. Raphael Marquez says

    The complaints in regards to the lack of Pirates as an open day attraction for the Magic Kingdom reminds me of all the complaints of game exclusivity for either gaming system to keep a more healthy competition.

  16. heero75 says

    It would be interesting to see it come back in some way, it will never happen but maybe Disney could kill multiple birds with one stone. Buy HBO get a streaming service instead of making their own and theme this idea to Westworld and get multiple new IP for things not normally in their wheel house. It is likely too adult for them but it would be neat and I could see a bunch of benefits for Disney and viewers.

  17. El Sanchez says

    An amazing video as always. Whenever I see this ride I cry that it never happened. I wish it was here!

  18. Jacob Lyman says

    The Magic Kingdom version of Pirates of the Caribbean is a disappointment. I was upset when I arrived in 2007 and rode it and realized it was a "foot-notes" version of the Disneyland original, omitting most of the cave scenes, and rushing straight into the town. It really lacked the same sense of mystery the Disneyland one has, with the long caves in the beginning slowly introducing rides to the themes of the ride. The line at the Magic Kingdom version though was pretty cool, although the lack of the Blue Bayou Restaurant inside the show building was a bit of a shock too. I really wish Disney World got Thunder Mesa instead.

  19. Alex's train review says

    Awesome Video Rob!!!!! Love  Your Content!!!!!!!

  20. CqToons says

    I really wish this came through fruition

  21. Erin Morton says

    Could you do a video addressing the fact that a lot of people see the new slinky dog coaster is a cheap way to get more money a “ Six Flags coaster” if you will. I think it’s horrible for people to even think that there was so much work an effort put into it to make it as immersive as possible! I really trust that you will be able to make a video on the mater!

  22. Jonnyboy 7 says

    Great video as always Rob!

  23. Tim Fodor says

    Another awesome video. They've kinda come back to this concept in a different way with the way they are opening new lands like Pandora, star wars, toy story and cars lands. Not as spacially interwoven but great all the same.

  24. Cascade says

    I've always felt their reasoning in not initially having PotC smacked of bad assumptions on the Imagineers' part. Florida is certainly not in the Caribbean (though there is definitely a Caribbean flavor) and at best, it was a sparsely populated frontier at the periphery of the age of piracy. There wasn't really a reason to assume Floridians were too familiar with pirates to build the ride.

    And by the same logic, it didn't make sense for Disneyland to have Frontierland. California was part of the Old West, after all, and the connection to that era is much more recent and tangible than any connection Florida may have to pirates.

  25. Maddy says

    Amazing! Once again an amazing video!

  26. Matt McIrvin says

    Though Magic Kingdom (and the "Disneyland [location]" parks) were designed to be more or less a clone of Disneyland, Disney seems to have kept coming back to this idea of differentiating them with differently themed attractions–only to eventually replicate the successful ones.

    Western River Expedition was going to be the East Coast Pirates with Big Thunder Mountain on top, but they built an actual Pirates instead, and twin Big Thunder Mountains. Space Mountain was the East Coast Matterhorn, only before long there was a West Coast Space Mountain and eventually a quasi-Matterhorn in Expedition Everest.

    And today, we have Radiator Springs Racers as the West Coast Test Track, and Dinosaur as the East Coast Indiana Jones. There are rumors of them someday taking out the Dinosaur theming and just making the ride over as Indiana Jones. How long before we get an East Coast Radiator Springs?

    I suppose it's design by experiment.

  27. King Poseidon says

    I'm surprised you didn't mention how the idea for the attraction has lived on. Just as the Magic Kingdom Railroad would go through the ride, it now goes through Splash Mountain, the spiritual successor to the log flume idea. And the fact that many of the proposed scenes for the Western River Expedition ended up making their way into World of Motion.

  28. Backup Backup says

    Guess it's to know this, especially since Disneyland Paris eventually got this concept to an extent with their version of big thunder mountain and the phantom manor…

  29. srayj says

    Hey Rob. Yet again, a completely fascinating video. I know that you usually focus on topics that are related to the parks, but would you consider doing a video about the Disney Channel? I think it would be interesting to know how it started and how it has evolved over the years. That's probably because I remember watching the Disney afternoon cartoons and when they showed a new DCOM every month, but my first memory of Disney channel was when I was very young and I got to watch at my grandma's since we didn't have cable and I loved Eureka's Castle!

  30. Kactai says

    New subscriber! Great work!

  31. So-Cal Theme Park Fan says

    I love those imagineering ideas, where multiple rides were built in one show building or small area. Kind of like he original Indiana Jones Ride.

  32. Stitchiot says

    What if Bob Igur or how ever you spell his name took this ride into action? Do you think it would be the way Walt wanted it? Or do you think it would be enhanced in the way Bob wanted it?

  33. FuchsiaMuffin says

    Is this why people say almost all the Thunder Mountains are connected? Doesn't Paris have Big Thunder Mesa?

  34. Alex Chipman says

    Curse you OPEC!!!!!

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