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Who did this to a beautiful Swedish woman? And why don’t “feminists” care



ATTRIBUTION [FAIR USE] ▼ — For some unknown reason, fake feminists have an aversion to speaking out against the real rape culture: Islam.

Imagine if the victim had been a member of a protect class — black, homosexual, Muslim — and the perpetrator has been a victim of the bourgeois class.

From Daily Mail ▼

Smashed with a bottle for rejecting being groped: Shocking photos show bloodied Swedish woman attacked in a nightclub after man put his hands between her legs

Sophie Johansson, 19, was assaulted in a nighclub in Malmo, Sweden

Unknown man grabbed her between the legs, so she pushed him away

The man then punched her and later hit her over the head with a bottle

Malmo police has shelved the investigation due to lack of evidence

Police are now appealing for witnesses in order to reopen the case

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  1. 100Davros says

    I recently read a travel blog from a guy travelling around sweden. He said he went to a night club in Stockholm and all he could see was white Swedish girls hooking up with black and middle easter guys. It would appear young Swedish girls have been well brainwashed by the race mixing agenda to favour the new Europeans.

  2. WindowedApple says

    Hey redneck, keep drinking your coolade

  3. TheScotchaholic says

    The Swedish women LOVE the violent immigrants – they welcome them with greeting placards, flowers, and hugs!
    Enjoy, you suicidal morons! You were warned for an infinite amount of times! I have ZERO sympathy for idiots that choose to be cucks and cowards.

  4. Erika Gehm says

    This is why I freely say FU*K Islam and all true fallowers of it. I don't put cultural Muslims in this.

  5. Dr. Shawn Berry says

    If my loved one were harmed in such a manor, I would put my extensive military training to the sinister task of killing as many of the culprits and their loved ones as can be humanly possible.

  6. Ban Radical islam says

    Call the beast at his name: islam did it. islam is peace? My ass…

  7. Ban Radical islam says

    Feminist is busy protesting against Trump in Washington DC and at the airports accros the USA

  8. gypsy freak says

    Now kenny even tho they treat women like crap and treat non Muslims like trash and they rap women and brainwash people in to thinking they are innocent

    You can’t question it cause it’s racist.

    Left wing logic

  9. Mirek Bieniak says

    Was it lesbian only night club? If not, then where were these tall, blond haired, blue eyed "vikings"? What a society…

  10. David Calandro says

    Any native Swedish men nearby should have beaten that guy to a bloody pulp. No security? No,problem. Do the right thing regardless of the politically correct propaganda being spewed to the masses.

  11. Cast Iron Porterhouse says

    time to retaliate against them instead of taking it.

  12. NY MSK says

    I hope this wakes this girl up before she ends up dead.

  13. Angela S says

    Deport them all!

  14. Kathy Florcruz says

    I think I'm going to be sick. Political Correctness/whiteguilting brainwashing let this happen. This is what the left has done here too. PCWG has got to be fought in every part of our lives, starting in the schools where this is being taught to our children.

  15. bassbuckmaster says

    Western civilizations only hope is a BIG push back, basically reversing everything the last 60 years ( the beginning of the culture war). The left built a diseased temple and they are willing to destroy everything. Plus the way to improve those 3rd world countries is send people that are educated. Send alot of people we picked up from 3rd world countries back.

  16. Mono Palle says

    New gang rape in MALMO sweden today….. They drugged her, kidnapped her, and raped her… 4 or 5 migrants…….

  17. IZZY IZZM says

    I guess there's no #METOO in Sweden. ?

  18. Jen Kitching says

    I am losing patience and sympathy with the Swedes who have allowed the destruction of their country? Did you hear that the independent journalist, Peter Sweden, who does excellent reporting about the dire situation in Sweden, reported this story, only to receive death threats from the victim's sister! Apparently she called him a racist (clue there I think about the attacker!) and said she hoped Peter Sweden died a slow, painful death! This woman aims all that unjustified hatred at Peter Sweden a journalist reporting news, and who is a man of integrity, but she protects the man who attacked her sister. God help us. The world has gone mad. By the way,,why has this video by Ken, got 1,559 views, and only 231 likes?! Is something wrong at my end, or is something wrong with the viewers who, in my opinion, should have given this report a thumbs up?!

  19. Darren Currie says

    No woman should be treated like this , but sadly it happens .
    And just for the record , the attacker still remains 'UNIDENTIFIED' . But of course the far right , and leftist cucks alike all scream 'Islam' . And lets just say it indeed was a muslim migrant , you should be blaming the U.N. and Israel for destabilization of the middle east, and war for oil / profit.
    Not everything is as it seems , the time of great disillusionment is upon us.

  20. Carlos E R Pimentel says

    Diversity is our strenght.

  21. InterdimensionalWiz says

    Feminism destroyed fatherhood and family…then the joy between the sexes.
    why would men protect that? Feminism destroyed our love…. what filth feminism became.
    in the 1970's sure…great!… and in some other countries sure!… but here feminism is just a shame and blame men tactic to be irresponsible and get free stuff. MGTOW UK

  22. Adrian Vasile says

    Who did it? A makeup artist!

  23. Revens1 says

    Lol this womens own sister has threatened peter sweden with death threats cause he had the gall to tell this womens story and that she was attacked by migrants,100% i bet this womens sister has a migrant boyfriend and doesnt want him deported lol.

  24. Leslie Tanner says

    Feminists don't care about women being raped unless a white man does it. Then they want to rip his balls off. It's OK for minorities to rape women, especially if they're just white women.
    Europeans better wake up and fight for their lives. The liberal-left globalists are out to end western culture and white people. Is this the world you want your children to inherit?

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