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Why I Quit My Job in NYC!


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Lisa D:

Mercury in Retrograde:

– Hornblower cruises
– Quip unboxing review
– making my smoothie bowl
– Iced milos and lunch at Bluestone Lane
– Quitting my job 11.30 minutes
– Shopping at Trader Joe’s

Tara is a twenty-four year old fashion & lifestyle blogger / youtuber natively from Cork, Ireland and is a fashion graduate of Belfast.

Camera I use: Canon 5D Mark iii

Camera Lens:

Ring Lighting:

* Disclaimer: Vlog is kindly sponsored by Quip

  1. Cristina Silveira says

    Loved this vlog, getting your mojo back with a lot of creative content. Favourite part : doing a mask and having popcorn! Goals! 🙂

  2. Katie Woodward says

    omg the end of this video was so funny!! but on a more serious note i'm so happy that things are going your way atm xx

  3. Synne says

    loving the fact that you seem very real and down to earth! Feels like im watching a friend, not a vlogger xx

  4. Maggie P says

    My favorite part of this video was the editing! You're such a creative editor, and it's clear you put a ton of work into getting shots and putting them together. I'm always so impressed!

  5. Tricia G says

    Urg paying your dues is brutal honestly (but I needed to hear that everyone goes through it even when you feel like you're the gum on someone's shoe) but I'm really glad you were able to start fully working for yourself, that's awesome! But also fuck mercury.

  6. NinaGrrl says

    Bell, check! Like button, check! Haha ☺️
    That was such a fun vlog to watch! Congratulations for being such an inspiration human being! You are doing 'your thing' and I love that! You can be very proud 🙋🏻💕 lots of love from berlin

  7. 10 says

    pls do an asos haul!

  8. pppotatoes says

    my fav part of the vlog is your super yummy vegan smoothie bowl! I need to try that one out 🙂

  9. michelle downes says

    Hey Tara I'm a fellow Irish girl living in nyc, I'm really interested in getting into freelance photography. similarly I'm not a professional at it but vert familiar too it and was wondering if you would do be interested in a video or content piece on how to break into that industry here in nyc. you've obviously worked with impressive brands and i would love to hear your two cents on the topic 😊

  10. shauna139 says

    Part when you talked about your self taught photography career was really interesting

  11. Hotfries says

    Im a child at heart so obviously my favourite part of the vlog was that cute tooth brush omg if i ever own it i would go crazy snapping it everywhere haha. And i also love "your spot" it comes very comforting and pleasantly refreshing💖

  12. Marianne Grace says

    Love how you're not afraid to take risks!!!! Definitely need to follow your footsteps lol

  13. Izzy K says

    Loved when you drank iced milos around the museum mile area, looked so dreamy, and that Met museum shot gave me major gossip girl flashbacks!

  14. GillianOx1 says

    Love the video. That smoothie bowl looks divine and your little couch is adorable. Can't beat New York

  15. Eva in the City says

    This was so pleasing to the eye to watch, great editing as always! My favourite part to the vlog was the views of Manhattan on the boat when you were at the US Open event, just stunning 🙂

  16. Royal Dansk says

    Please try to use reusable bags when you go shopping.

  17. Lisa higgins says

    Food pervert lol!! Love your vlogs they are my fave! X

  18. skyro222 says

    Best clip obviously was vegging out watching GOT. Working for yourself is always awesome, has its trade offs but is so worth it. Been doing it for 8 years now.

  19. Kerry Murray says

    My favourite part of the vlog was seeing snippets of your day spent out in NYC. I will get there one day! 🍎 Always a pleasure watching your videos, keep up the good work ☺️

  20. Margaret Belle says

    My favourite part of the vlog was most definitely you eating the popcorn with a sheet mask, watching game of thrones. Congratulations on making being an influencer full-time and getting those photography jobs! Much love 💜 x

  21. domixxo says

    My fave part of the blog was the game of thrones set up!!! i can 10000{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb} relate! cookies, popcorn and pretzels are my go to!!!

  22. Antonnette says

    CONGRATS on becoming a full time blogger — it's MY GOAL right now! Any good websites you use to find sponsorships?! You always have good ones! xox

  23. Flo Pereira says

    Hi babe! Would love that glasses and would love to meet with you in NYC!
    I am a blogger as well, from Argentina, now in NYC and I LOVE your content.
    Send me a DM if you like the idea at
    And my favorite part… GOT and face masks for sure!!

  24. Elvira Cupika says

    My favorite part was the haul!

  25. ForALuckyGirl says

    Yay congrats!!!

  26. Devonnie B. says

    Life update was definitely my fave part but I also really enjoyed all the food bits 😂

  27. Natalie Mirolo says

    Such a great vlog! Loved all the little bits and pieces out together and edited so nicely!

  28. Molly Howes says

    A usb port in a extension cord thing! omg life changer!

  29. Olvera Tan says

    the NYC skyline was my favorite part

  30. Camila Soliz says

    my favorite part is you mentioning the giveaway! haha kidding, love how you bring to life the NYC magic to people's screens.

  31. Not Your Regular Jack says

    the 'food perverts' are shook.

  32. warhol cow says

    Why don't you use reusable bags? They are good for the environment, hold more than plastic bags, and are way easier when walking or going on the subway.

  33. MsBoxtet says

    Never been to the US, but you'd think Trader Joe's were giving it away. Sweet Jesus, the queues!!!

  34. chocoflipify says

    Tara, this has been my favorite of your vlogs so far, haha! I loved the Sunday chores segment, hahaha, so much dedication! 😀

  35. Desiree Douma says

    My favorite part was everything! Your videos are always so beautifully shot and inspiring!

  36. Cristal Nuno says

    Congrats on just focusing on your blog and YouTube!!! 🙌🏼 Love your vlogs, always look forward to watch them ❤️

  37. I Can't Wrestle says

    Nearing a 100k 😊

  38. Lauren. louise says

    You are fabulous❤️

  39. 1024specialkay says

    Didn't have a favorite part in the vlog because I loved it all!

  40. Jamie Gill says

    Loved the game of thrones part, going to miss that feeling for a year now 😭💖

  41. MarieClaire Reilly says

    Fave… Extension lead with USB & apdaptors!! ExPat life needs!! 😂

  42. Nicole M says

    I loved seeing the view of manhattan from the boat because I'm going there in 2 weeks!

  43. Alan B'Stard M P says

    good luck, but I wonder if you've made the right decision?

  44. Fiona McColgan says

    I loved the ending with you doing your Sunday chores and watching GOT! I remember when you worked for them back in Belfast and being so incredibly jealous at the time (and still now) because game of thrones is life

  45. natsha batista says

    How did you find cheap rent ? Im looking to move to Ny for school. I could sure use some advice !

  46. Rose Red says

    Tara,17:09, 17:14 , 17:2717:28 marks, it sounds like a male spirit.

  47. Kelly Elizabeth says

    Literally stuff like this happens to me every September & trust this month has been hell

  48. Mariusz Slowikowski says

    Nice Vlog.

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